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Our Online Personal Training Program is Designed to;

  • Improve Health & Fitness Facilities 
  • To Train Professional Athletes
  • & Provide Fitness for Sports Teams

 , as Well as Those Who Know Health and Fitness is Vital for Quality Living.

We Can Help Members by Providing,

  • Exercise Science Education
  • Health & Fitness Motivation
  • & Programming Accountability.


     My name is Faraz, I am an Exercise Scientist and the Founder of Tops Athletic Live Personal Trainer. Tops Athletic is registered under Exercise Physiology, Rehab, and Personal Training in Morris County, North New Jersey, USA. This web based application is designed as an easy tool to connect members and personal trainers whenever, wherever. Athletes can exercise their mind and body in a 60 minutes online personal training session based on exercise science, credible sources, and the latest in strength and conditioning research. At Tops Athletic, we strongly recommend everyone to stay connected with their favorite fitness facility. The 'Find My Gym!' service encourages all to make a commitment to Healthy Living and to enjoy Desired Fitness Programming for Ultimate Success.

Tops Athletic,

Where Trainer & Athlete Connect.

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