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 Latissimus Dorsi in Resistance Training

Written by Faraz about Latissimus Dorsi Anatomy, Its movement, and strength training program design. Click on the Linkedin icon above to enjoy the post. 

Published on 05/24/2016 

  Deltoid Muscle in Strength Training

 This Article is written by Faraz about Deltoid Muscle Tissue and its movement, function of the upper body and its program design in strength training. Click on the Linkedin icon above to enjoy the post. 

Published on 05/17/2016

  Human Quadriceps, Muscular Activation, & Strength Training

Written by Faraz on Linkedin, about lower extremity, muscular activation technique, and strength training workout guidelines.

                                                               Published on 05/08/2016                                    


  Biceps Brachii & Triceps Brachii

 This article is written by your Live Personal Trainer about arms, their anatomy, and upper body workout in strength training. 

Published on 05/02/2016